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Welcome to School Preps – Helping each individual prepare for their future with the best test prep offers.


The level of education of each of our team members is highly diverse. However, each individual is highly skilled in their area of expertise. And what truly connect us is our desire to continue to learn. Today, use our combined experiences to help others achieve their full potential. We all understand that our knowledge, skills and aptitude will be tested or evaluated at some point in our lives. Therefore, we welcome every opportunity to help others find the best test prep program while preparing for their future.


Based on each of our experiences, we know there are many learning styles. We also know there are many learning alternatives for those who are seeking to be prepared. For that resason, our site will connect each of our customers with as many test prep alternatives as we can find. We will provide our customers with the opportunity to find the appropriate products, programs and services related to Foundation Education, Higher EducationProfessional Licensure and Trades Education.


Our goal is to connect each individual with the best prep services, products and programs available for their preferred learning style.

Are you looking for self-pace or live class programs? Do you prefer constant feedback or self-reliant programs? Are you looking for mentor based or experienced based programs? We know our customers are looking for diverse learning experiences and we strive to provide the answer for each need.

More Information on Best Test Prep

For more information on test prep education categories, services or related resources, click on the desired category located on the “Categories” list on the right sidebar of this page. We continuously update our website to provide the information you need.

School Preps makes use of affiliate relationships with merchants such as Amazon Associates for monetization. This means that when you click on the links to the various merchants, manufacturers or distributors on this site and make a purchase, this can result in a small commission to this site. Please read our Disclosures or more information.

School Preps would love to hear from you. Please leave your questions, feedback or comments below. Your feedback is really important to us. We are looking forward to serving you.

All the best,

School Preps Team

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  1. Michael

    Thank you taking the time to creat this website! I truly believe this can help people like me excel!

    1. Jesus H.

      Hello Michael,
      Thank you for your comments Michael. We strive to create value for every customer and provide an awesome customer experience.

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